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Ulubiony bohater: Brenda & Dylan
Zasługi: 24
Dołączyła: 05 Cze 2008
Posty: 2204
Otrzymał 406 piw(a)
Wysłany: Czw 30 Paź, 2008   Muzyka z serialu

Będą na bierząco dodawać tytuły piosenek z odcinków,ale jeżeli ktoś ma kaprysa niech zajrzy do źródła:

Piosenki do posłuchania:

"We're Not in Kansas Anymore"
Episode # 1, originally aired: Tuesday September 2, 2008

"Viva La Vida" performed by Coldplay
"Don't Let Me Fall" performed by Lenka
"Time to Pretend" performed by MGMT
"I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" sung by "Annie", from the musical The Pirates Of Penzance Simon Gallaher & Jon English & Toni Lamond - The Pirates of Penzance
"California Bound" performed by Carolina Liar
"Wannamama" performed by Pop Levi
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" performed by The Offspring
"What You Got" performed by Colby O'Donis featuring Akon
"Shut Up and Let Me Go" performed by The Ting Tings
"Mama Who Bore Me" sung by "Adrianna" and the chorus, from the musical Spring Awakening Lea Michele - Spring Awakening
"Pot Kettle Black" performed by Tilly and The Wall
"Beat Control" performed by Tilly and The Wall
"Chasing Pavements" performed by ADELE
"Last Day Of Your Life" performed by Glass Pear

"The Jet Set"
Episode # 2, originally aired: Tuesday September 2, 2008

"Coming Home" performed by The 88
"Try It Again" performed by The Hives
"Touch Me" sung by "Ty", from the musical Spring Awakening Brian Johnson, Gideon Glick, Jonathan B. Wright, Jonathan Groff, Jr. John Gallagher, Lauren Pritchard, Lea Michele, Lilli Cooper, Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken & Skylar Astin
"Young One" performed by Mackabella
"Great DJ" performed by The Ting Tings
"Lucid Dreams" performed by Franz Ferdinand
"Live Forever" performed by Brendan's Band
"Come Out Of The Shade" performed by The Perishers
"Let It Rock" performed by Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
"I'm Yours" performed by Jason Mraz
"Ain't We Famous" performed by Brendan's Band
"Daydreamer" performed by ADELE
"Shake It" performed by Metro Station
"Outlaw Mix 2" performed by Astronaut On Vacation
"I Always Knew" performed by Jem

"Lucky Strike"
Episode # 3, originally aired: Tuesday September 9, 2008

"If You Can Afford Me" performed by Katy Perry
"Hey Hey Girl" performed by The Virgins
"All Over Me, All Over You" performed by Royston Langdon
"One Week of Danger" performed by The Virgins
"All Coming Back To Me" performed by Intercooler
"Love Song" sung by "Adrianna", originally performed by Sara Bareilles
"I Thought About You" performed by The Beautiful Girls
"A-Punk" performed by Vampire Weekend
"Just A Little More Please" performed by BossHouse & Royston Langdon
"How Many Birds" performed by Benji Hughes
"The Kiss" performed by Karmina
"Better in Time" performed by Leona Lewis

"The Bubble"
Episode # 4, originally aired: Tuesday September 16, 2008

"Disturbia" performed by Rihanna
"The Trance" performed by Headland Headland
"How Many Ways" performed by Senor Happy
"Changes" performed by Lori Denae
"Leaving" performed by Lori Denae
"Day I Die" performed by Drug Rug
"Mama Who Bore Me" (reprise) from the musical Spring Awakening Lauren Pritchard, Lea Michele, Lilli Cooper, Phoebe Strole & Remy Zaken
"Not Nineteen Forever" performed by The Courteeners
"She's New" performed by Senor Happy
"Even the Score" performed by Senor Happ
"Feel Good About It" performed by Marching Band
"Don't Believe in Love" performed by Dido
"Adventures In Solitude" performed by The New Pornographers
"Always Where I Need to Be" performed by The Kooks
"Before It Gets Better" performed by Earlimart Earlimart
"On And Off" performed by Signal Hill Transmission

"Wide Awake and Dreaming"
Episode # 5, originally aired: Tuesday September 23, 2008

"Shattered (Turn The Car Around)" performed by O.A.R.
"Mama Who Bore Me" sung by "Adrianna", from the musical Spring Awakening Lea Michele
"Little Bit" performed by Lykke Li Lykke Li
"The Bitch Of Living" sung by "Ty" and the guys, from the musical Spring Awakening Brian Johnson, Gideon Glick, Jonathan B. Wright, Jonathan Groff, Jr. John Gallagher & Skylar Astin
"How The Day Sounds" performed by Greg Laswell
"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" performed by Black Kids
"The One" performed by Melissa Ritter
"L.E.S. Artistes" performed by Santogold
"Hollywood" performed by Collective Soul
"Birds" performed by Emiliana Torrini

"Model Behavior"
Episode # 6, originally aired: Tuesday September 30, 2008

"Windows" performed by N.E.R.D.
"Now" performed by Mates of State
"So What" performed by Pink
"Let's Reggae All Night" performed by CSS
"Got You" performed by Senor Happy
"Spiralling" performed by Keane
"Got It Good" performed by Jem

"Hollywood Forever"
Episode # 7, originally aired: Tuesday October 7, 2008

"Hot N Cold" performed by Katy Perry
"Blitzkrieg Bop" performed by The Ramones
"Be OK" performed by Ingrid Michaelson
"Smile Like You Mean It" performed by Tally Hall
"Any Other World" performed by Mika

"There's No Place Like Homecoming"
Episode # 8, originally aired: Tuesday October 28, 2008

"When I Grow Up" performed by Pussycat Dolls
"Rich Girls, Poor Girls" performed by Everybody Else
"Do Your Ears Hang Low?" sung by "Silver"
"Without You" performed by Everybody Else
"The World Should Revolve Around Me" performed by Little Jackie
"Closer" performed by Ne-Yo
"Hurricane Jane" performed by Black Kids
"The Stoop" performed by Little Jackie
"28 Butts" performed by Little Jackie
"That Kiss" performed by The Courteeners

"Secrets and Lies"
Episode # 9, originally aired: Tuesday November 4, 2008

"Believe" performed by The Bravery
"Is That All You Got" performed by Bosshouse Music
"Kiss With a Fist" performed by Florence and The Machine
"Turn Me Out" performed by Bosshouse Music
"Trouble Is a Friend" performed by Lenka
"Old Enough" performed by The Raconteurs
"Better Than Lies" performed by Beehive
"Phantom Rock" performed by Ashley, Jeff & John
"Plots" performed by The Glove & Kurt Farquhar
"Bad Dream" performed by Kurt Farquhar
"Greetings From The Side" performed by Gary Jules

"Games People Play"
Episode # 10, originally aired: Tuesday November 11, 2008

"Thunder" performed by Boys Like Girls
"Never Be Your Baby" performed by Will Dailey
"Vegetable Car" performed by Joshua Radin
"Heartless" performed by Kanye West
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" sung by "Tabitha", originally performed by Pat Benatar
"Peace Of Mind" performed by Will Dailey
"When the Saints Go Marching In" sung by "Silver" & "Dixon"

"That Which We Destroy"
Episode # 11, originally aired: Tuesday November 18, 2008

"Just Dance" performed by Lady GaGa
"Save The Lies" performed by Gabriella Cilmi
"I Will Follow You Into The Dark" performed by Death Cab For Cutie

"Hello, Goodbye, Amen"
Episode # 12, originally aired: Tuesday January 6, 2008

"Jungle Drum" performed by Emiliana Torrini

"Ok" performed by Holly Conlan
"This Little Light Of Mine" sung by the choir
"Oh Happy Day" sung by the choir
"Amazing Grace" sung by "Dixon"
"The Fear You Won't Fall" performed by Joshua Radin

"Love Me or Leave Me"
Episode # 13, originally aired: Tuesday January 13, 2008

"Big Jumps" performed by Emiliana Torrini
"Cobrastyle" performed by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra
"The Geeks Were Right" performed by The Faint
"You Are Goodbye" performed by Holly Conlan
"Does This Mean You're Moving On?" performed by The Airborne Toxic Event
"45 Forever" performed by The All New Adventures Of Us
"Crying Blood" performed by V V Brown
"Crush" performed by David Archuleta
"Hot Summer" performed by Rhys
"Broken Hearts Parade" performed by Good Charlotte
"Hometown Glory" performed by Adele
"Under My Bed" performed by Meiko

"By Accident"
Episode # 14, originally aired: Tuesday January 20, 2008

"That's Not My Name" performed by The Ting Tings
"All The Things You Know" performed by Blue Judy
"Keep It Simple" performed by Delays
"Venn Diagram" performed by Lisa Hannigan
"It's Amazing" performed by Jem
"Down To Earth" performed by Jem

"Help Me, Rhonda"
Episode # 15, originally aired: Tuesday February 3, 2009

"Better To Be" performed by Liam Finn
"Show Me What I'm Looking For" performed by Carolina Liar
"I'm Not Over" performed by Carolina Liar
"Crack The Shutters" performed by Snow Patrol Rhapsody

"Of Heartbreaks and Hotels"
Episode # 16, originally aired: Tuesday February 10, 2009

"Better Kiss Me" performed by Ritter, Roche & Vidal
"1, 2, 3, 4" performed by Plain White T's
"Strange Ways" performed by Luscious Redhead
"All The Same To Me" performed by Anya Marina
"Untouched" performed by The Veronicas
"Gotta Be Somebody" performed by Nickelback
"Ghost Town" performed by Shiny Toy Guns
"Pony (It's Ok)" performed by Erin McCarley
"Lovebug" performed by Jonas Brothers

"Life's A Drag"
Episode # 17, originally aired: Tuesday March 31, 2009

"Cheap And Cheerful" performed by The Kills
"The Palace At 4 AM" performed by A.C. Newman
"Turn Me Off" performed by Audrye Sessions
"You and Me" performed by Attack!Attack!
"The Last Summer" performed by The Forward
"Auctioneer" performed by The Broken West
"Magic Show" performed by Electric Owls
"Sirens In The Deep Sea" performed by Longwave
"Gymnopedie No. 1" performed by Erik Satie
"What A Wonderful World" performed by Joey Ramone
"Blue Day" performed by Darker My Love
"Put In A Little Gas" performed by Colourmusic
"Alone" performed by The Morning After Girls

"Off The Rails"
Episode # 18, originally aired: Tuesday April 7, 2009

"Ulysses" by Franz Ferdinand
"We Will Not Grow Old" by Lenka
"Careless Whisper" by George Michael
"Sometime Around Midnight" by The Airborne Toxic Event
"The Show" by Lenka
"Heavy" by Oh No
"Cinder And Smoke" by Iron and Wine.

"Okaeri Donna!"
Episode # 19, originally aired: Tuesday April 14, 2009

"Love Remains The Same" by Gavin Rossdale
"Let Go" by Edison Glass
"Silly Boy" by The Blue Van
"Flathead" by The Fratellis
"Meg White" by Ray LaMontagne
"Never Had Nobody Like You" by M Ward
"The Soldier Song" by Sarah Bettens
"Not Fair" by Lily Allen

"Between A Sign And A Hard Place"
Episode # 20, originally aired: Tuesday April 21, 2009

"Geraldine" by Glasvegas
"Take Me To The River" originally by Al Green
"Walking On A Dream" by Empire Of The Sun
"Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups
"Up All Night" by The Young Knives
"Coast That's Closest" by Eagle and Talon
"He's A Rocker" by The Vines
"Gimme A Chance" by Plain White T's.

"The Dionysian Debacle"
Episode # 21, originally aired: Tuesday April 28, 2009

"Love is..." performed by Linda Good
"Sour Cherry" performed by The Kills
"Morning Light" performed by Ida Maria Rhapsody
"Loco" performed by BenLaVain
"Short Cut (Down A Long Road)" performed by The Big Bad Johns
"Heavenly Peach Banquet" performed by Monkey
"Feel The Love" performed by Cut Copy

"The Party's Over"
Episode # 22, originally aired: Tuesday May 5, 2009

"Zero" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Intelligentactile 101" by Jesca Hoop
"I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred
"Keep You A Mystery" by Will Dailey
"Damaged Girl" by Effcee.
"Maybe Maybe" by Nico Stai
"Boys & Girls" by Mon Roe
"Rescue Me" by Sarah Bettens
"Make Me Believe" by Angel Taylor

"Zero Tolerance"
Episode # 23, originally aired: Tuesday May 12, 2009

"After The Fact" by The Breakups
"Spoiled Peach" by Liz Phair
"Poker Face" by Lady Gaga
"Houses" by Great Northern
"Untouched" by The Veronicas
"Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?" by The Offspring
"Take Me On The Floor" by The Veronicas
"Gold Guns Girls" by Metric
"Young Adult Friction" by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
"Gimme Sympathy" by Metric
"Choose You" by Karuna
"Let The Love Back In" by The Orange Lights

"One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer"
Episode # 24, originally aired: Tuesday May 19, 2009

"The Only One" by Manchester Orchestra
"Panic" by The Boat People
"Beautiful Dreamer" originally by Roy Orbison
"Bang Bang" by K'naan feat Adam Levine
"Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry
"Everyone's At It" by Lily Allen
"Superthug" by Noreaga
"Absolute" by The Fray
"Sugar" by Flo Rida
"Back Again" by Parachute
"Let Go" by Amy Correa Bell ft Genise / True Music
"The Funeral" by Band Of Horses[/spoiler:a647975d0a]

[spoiler:a647975d0a]"To New Beginnings!"
Episode # 25, originally aired: Tuesday September 8, 2009

"See Through" by Sofi Bonde.
"Cat & Mouse" by Nikki and Rich.
"Blue Eyes" by Mika.
"Magic" by Vi ft Bradd Young.
"Good Stuff" by Shawn Anthony.
"So Human" by Lady Sovereign.
"Wake Up" by Sliimy.
"Freakalator" by Soundmaster T.
"I Don't Want You Back" by Laura Izibor.
"Jack Nimble" by Lady Of The Sunshine.
"Never Say Never" by Khamelien.
"Koop Island Blues" by Koop.
"In This Life" by Sheer K.
"Sunny Day" by Joy Williams.
"Lion's Roar" by Asher Roth feat. Busta Rhymes
"Everybody Loves Me" by One Republic.

"To Sext Or Not To Sext"
Episode # 26 originally aired: Tuesday September 15, 2009

"New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)" by Little Boots.
"I Want You So Bad" by OK Go.
"JoAnne" by Steve Goomas & Doug Perkins.
"I Like It, I Love It" by Lyrics Born.
"Standing On The Shore" by Empire Of The Sun.
"Punching Bag" by Kevin and the Octaves.
"Rome" by Phoenix.
"L.E.S. Artistes" by Santogold.
"45 Parade Place" by Aya.
"Paper Aeroplane" by Angus and Julia Stone.

"Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat"
Episode # 27 originally aired: Tuesday September 22, 2009

"Take It Like A Big Girl" by Blackcowboy.
"Get Together" by Standing Shadows.
"Ride With Me" by John-John Stomp feat LA.
"We Run LA" by Dr. Hollywood.
"Hell Yeah" by Christian George.
"Red Light Love" by Those Darlins.
"Reminder (RAC Remix)" by Honeythieves.
"Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe.
"Bassment Party" by Cool Kids.
"DJ" by Amanda Blank.
"Soft Kill" by Taxi Doll.
"The Plan" by Kite In The Air.
"It's Your Touch" by The Black Ghosts.
"Baptized In Blacklight" by Kenna.
"Wanted" by Jessie James.

"The Porn King"
Episode # 28 originally aired: Tuesday September 29, 2009

"Even After All" by Finley Quaye.
"My Love Is" by Holly Golightly.
"Closer" by Goapele.
"The Moneymaker" by Rilo Kiley.
"Random Fiction Xperience" by Sheer.K.
"Steppin' Up" by Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo.
"Holiday" by Dizzee Rascal.
"Girl Out West" by Speck Mountain.
"Lowlife" by Scanners.

"Environmental Hazards"
Episode # 29 originally aired: Tuesday October 6, 2009

"Big Heavy" by Amanda Blank.
"Haunted House" by Brookville.
"Sunderland" by MVSC.
"Just a Silhouette" by Exlovers.
"Don't Gotta Work It Out" by Fitz and The Tantrums.
"Cat In The Hat" by Sarah Cion.
"Wop (How I Know)" by Nikki and Rich.
"We Cry" by The Script.
"Leaving For The West" by Blue Judy.
"Listened On" by Lightning Dust.

"Wild Alaskan Salmon"
Episode # 30 originally aired: Tuesday October 13, 2009

"Nobody" by Kate Earl.
"Send Him Away" by Franz Ferdinand.
"Mood Is Right" by Maimon and The Mongoose Band.
"You're So Cold" by Will Dailey.
"Heap See, Few Know" by The Soul Seven.
"Tambourine" by Blue Judy.
"Teen Lovers" by The Virgins.
"Sierra's Song" by The All-American Rejects.
"Dreams" by Cranberries.
"Just Can't Get Enough" by Bosshouse.
"Cold Hands" by Andre Anjos.
"Yea Yeah" by Matt and Kim.
"Sacred Heart (A Sailor's Drunken Eulogy)" by Right Away, Great Captain.
"Many Shades of Black" by Adele & The Raconteurs.

Episode # 31 originally aired: Tuesday October 20, 2009

"People" by Chester French.
"Fables" by The DoDos.
"Gnaw Gnaw" by JonO Brown & Jeff Kollman / Beyond Music.
"Broken Pieces" by Erwin.
"Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)" by Grand Analog.
"Daft Punk is Playing At My House" by LCD Soundsystem.
"One Hipster, One Bullit" by Jet.
"Back On My Streets" by Dan Silver.
"Hold The Line" by Major Lazer ft Mr. Lex & Santigold.
"Don't Bother Me" by The Blakes.
"Be With You" by Taxi Doll.
"Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap

"Women's Intuition"
Episode # 32 originally aired: Tuesday November 3, 2009

"Airstream Driver" by Gomez.
"Get A Move On!" by Mr. Scruff.
"Psychic City" by Yacht.
"Naturally" by Matt Martino.
"Never Forget You" by Noisettes.
"Cheap and Cheerful" by The Kills.
"Zero (RAC Remix)" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
"Heart Skipped A Beat" by The XX. (Adrianna cover)
"Hear Me On The Radio" by N.E.R.D.
"Chillin' " by Wale feat. Lady Gaga.
"You Are Scared" by Educating Janey.
"Last Bus (Disko Grunge Remix)" by Alt.Human.
"That Moon Song" by Gregory Alan Isakov.

"A Trip To The Moon"
Episode # 33 originally aired: Tuesday November 10, 2009

"On Directing" by Tegan and Sara.
"Princes & Kings" by Shake.
"Sunburn" by Owl City.
"Slow Poison" by The Bravery.
"Keeps Getting Better" by Daniel Lemma.
"The One" by Luscious Redhead.
"Love With A Stranger" by Marie Digby.
"Take It or Leave It" by Chris Sernel.
"I'm Eighteen" by Alice Cooper.
"Radar" by Kiss the Girl.
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.
"Surf Me" by Evan Olson.
"Soldier On" by The Temper Trap.
"Good Thing" by Kiss the Girl.
"Paku Ke'alulu" by Shaun Gardner.

"To Thine Own Self Be True"
Episode # 34 originally aired: Tuesday November 17, 2009

"All I Want" by The Fountainheads.
"4PM (Pete Miser Remix)" by Pete Miser.
"Manhattan Shag" by Richard Freitas & Geraldine Brioso.
"Esa Mulata" by Juan Vicente Zambrano.
"The Other Side" by Matt Martino.
"She's My Girl" by Kram.
"Sunscream" by Jimi Ashmore & John Etkin-Bell.
"Butch" by Saint Motel.
"Electric Twist" by A Fine Frenzy.
"Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams.

"And Away They Go!"
Episode # 35 originally aired: Tuesday December 1, 2009

"We Float" by PJ Harvey.
"Barely Insane" by Josh Fix.
"The Junkie Song" by The Be Good Tanyas.
"Weight Of The World" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
"Maneater" by Hall and Oates.
"Talking Hotel Arbat Blues" by Handsome Furs.
"Love's Lost Guarantee" by Rogue Wave.
"Post Trumpet Call" by Stephen Edwards / Source In Sync.
"Another Day, Another Night" by Hamilton Altstatt & Charlie Brissette / Cue Source.
"Let's Never Stop Falling In Love" by Pink Martini.
"Bright As A Star" by Now On.
"The Ruminant Band" by The Fruit Bats.

"Winter Wonderland"
Episode # 36 originally aired: Tuesday December 8, 2009

"The Nutcracker, Op. 71: No. 2 March" by Tchaikovsky.
"Eyes Wide Open" by Ragged School.
"TiK ToK" by Ke$ha.
"You Don't Remember" by Nick Fowler.
"When The Time Is Right" by Griffin House.
"Desires" by Montell Jordan.
"Waiting For The Kiss" by Nick Fowler.
"Ain't Gonna Lose You" by Brett Dennen.

"Rats & Heroes"
Episode # 37 originally aired: Tuesday March 9, 2010

"Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall.
"Animal" by Miike Snow.
"Mousetrap" by Odd Job.
"Out Of The Day" by Blue Judy.
"Estranged" by Antonia.
"Nwahulwana" by Wazimbo and Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Mocambique.
"Better Late Than Never" by Daniel May / MasterSource.
"A Little More Love" by Taxi Doll.
"Piano Lounge" by Daniel May / MasterSource.
"Jazz Cigarette" by Freitas & Brioso.
"Get to It" by KRAM.
"Benefit Of The Doubt" by Pete Miser.
"Clementine" by Washington.

"Girl Fight"
Episode # 38 originally aired: Tuesday March 16, 2010

"Head Over Heels" by The Go-Go's.
"Wish" by Paper Route.
"Je T'aime Moi Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg ft Jane Birkin.
"Hearts Collide" by Sarah Solovay.
"Odyssey" by Woolfy.
"Big Girl" by 1 Two. Annie finds a photo from the accident on her car.
"The Mating Game" by Bitter:Sweet.
"Come On" by The Genders.
"Love Lost" by Men.
"Strange Religion" by Mark Lanegan.
"Theme from Love Story" by Francis Lai.
"Let It Fall" by Lykke Li. Liam tells
"My Sympathy" by Kurt Vile.

"What's Past Is Prologue"
Episode # 39 originally aired: Tuesday March 23, 2010

"Counting Back To 1" by Beautiful Small Machines.
"Go Down Together" by Film School.
"I Want Your Sex" by George Michael.
"Jolene " by Dolly Parton.
"School Days" by The Runaways.
"City Walk" by Marvin Gordy and Thomas Brissette / Cue Source.
"This Thing Between Us" by Dan and Leland.
"Soundtrack To You" by Antonia.
"Jolene" originally by Dolly Parton.
"Go On, Say It" by Blind Pilot.
"Temper Temper" by Adrian Hall.

"Clark Raving Mad"
Episode # 40 originally aired: Tuesday March 30, 2010

"Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and The Shondells.
"City Girl" by Stars Crashing Cars.
"Ride" by Kiss The Girl.
"The Polaroid Song" by Darlin' Allo.
"She Likes Girls" by Kiss The Girl.
"Variety Pack" by Andree Belle.
"Blood" by The Middle East.
"Bluedreamdrops" by Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra.
"My Heart, My Life (Talvin Singh Remix)" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook.
"Wop (How I Know)" by Jessica Lowndes (Nikki and Rich)
"Eyes" by Rogue Wave.

"Sweaty Palms And Weak Knees"
Episode # 41 originally aired: Tuesday April 6, 2010

"Scissor Tales" by Samantha Crain and The Midnight Shivers.
"Soldier" by N.E.R.D. ft Santigold.
"Action/Reaction" by Choir Of Young Believers.
"Something In Common" by Free Energy.
"Employee Of The Month" by The Anomalies.
"Wooden Heart" by The Features.
"Dancehall" by Sean Bones.
"Super Edition Of You" by John Etkin-Bell & Marty Shtrubel.
"The Temporary Blues" by The Features.
"Motivation" by Delta Spirit.

"Another Another Chance"
Episode # 42 originally aired: Tuesday April 13, 2010

"Tell Me Now So I Know" by Holly Golightly.
"Little Miss Walk On By" by Ragged School.
"On My Own Again" by Preeta.
"Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley and The Wailers.
"She's A Genius" by Jet.
"Your Mama" by Kennedy.
"Delicate Beauty" by Tom Haines & Christopher Branch.
"I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" by Nick Lowe.
"The Love's Not There" by Amanda Stansky.

"Multiple Choices"
Episode # 43 originally aired: Tuesday April 27, 2010

"Dream City" by Free Energy.
"As We Enter" by Nas & Damian Marley.
"A Perfect Tourniquet" by Anberlin.
"Not An Animal" by Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside.
"Love Seat" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
"Hang Me Up To Dry" by Cold War Kids.
"You Talk" by Babyshambles.
"One Eye On The Door" by Helen Austin.
"Hey Na Na" by Katie Herzig.
"Eet" by Regina Spektor.

"Meet The Parent"
Episode # 44 originally aired: Tuesday May 4, 2010

"Bread & Butter" by Hugo.
"Down On The Floor" by Claire Hux.
"Vinyl" by Brian Seymour.
"Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot.
"Valium" by Mutemath.
"Understand" by Darrelle London.
"Soul Of A Man" by Beck.
"Soma Bora" by Iba Diabate.
"Go" by My Favorite Highway.
"Under Control" by Parachute.
"All Of Your Things" by The Raah Project.
"Infinity" by The XX.
"One More Time" by Jessica Lowndes & Diego Boneta.

Episode # 45 originally aired: Tuesday May 11, 2010

"Fall Hard" by Shout Out Louds.
"La Danseuse De Samba" by Alexandra Roos.
"Bleed" by Hot Chelle Rae.
"Fade Away (Acoustic)" by Diego Boneta.
"Damn Girl" by All-American Rejects.
"One Small Step" by Parachute.
"Cold Dust Girl" by Hey Champ.
"Haven't Been Drinkin'" by Jessica Lowndes.
"Stamp Of Love" by Jessica Lowndes.
"To Lose My Life" by White Lies.
"Slow Burn" by Marc Bonilla.

Episode # 46 originally aired: Tuesday May 18, 2010

"Constellations" by Darwin Deez.
"One More Time" by Jessica Lowndes & Diego Boneta.
"Billionaires" by Your Twenties.
"Cool Yourself" by Thao with The Get Down Stay Down.
"Breakin' The Chains Of Love" by Fitz and The Tantrums.
"Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner ft Big Sean.
"Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" originally by Beyonce.
"Jukebox Heroes" by Now On.
"Feeling The Pull" by The Swell Season.
"Siempre Tu" by Diego Boneta.
"The High Road" by Broken Bells.
"Little Ghost" by Elevator Fight.
"July Flame" by Laura Veirs.
"Girl With One Eye" by Florence and The Machine.[/spoiler:a647975d0a]

"Senior Year, Baby"
Episode # 47 originally aired: Monday September 13, 2010

"Dear Mr. President" by Fitz and The Tantrums.
"Siempre Tu" by Diego Boneta.
"It's A Feast" by Shawn Anthony.
"Turn It On" by Franz Ferdinand.
"Little Lady" by General Elektriks.
"I'm Not The One" by The Black Keys.
"Erase Me" by Kid Cudi ft Kanye West.
"Somebody New" by The Amplifetes.
"Clear Night" by Maimon and The Mongoose Band.
"Saying Goodbye" by Jessica Lowndes.

"Age Of Inheritance"
Episode # 48 originally aired: Monday September 20, 2010

"Complicated" by Drawbacks ft K8H8.
"Dreaming Of Another World" by Mystery Jets.
"Floating Vibes" by Surfer Blood.
"Forget Me Now" by Marisa Cristina.
"Go For Miles" by Tight White Jeans.
"Help I’m Alive" by Metric.
"Hot-N-Fun" by N.E.R.D. ft Nelly Furtado.
"Moonlight" by The Honey Brothers.
"My Body" by Young The Giant.
"Rock In The City Tonight" by Lisa Mychols.
"Sea of Love" by Cat Power.
"Win Someday" by Sofi Bonde.

"2021 Vision"
Episode # 49 originally aired: Monday September 27, 2010

"Daylight" by Matt and Kim.
"Love Crisis" by NagNagNag.
"Saying Goodbye" by Jessica Lowndes.
"I Wonder" by Dom.
"Fair Game" by The Like.
"123 Stop" by The Postelles.
"Down To Infinity" by Too Young To Love.
"Did You Lose Yourself?" by Future of Forestry.

"The Bachelors"
Episode # 50 originally aired: Monday October 4, 2010

"Colours" by GroupLove.
"Doesn't Belong" by Neo Cartoon Lover.
"Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston.
"Missed Your Chance" by Kill Matriarch.
"Pleasure Bombs" by Jet Black Kiss.
"Rip" by Haircut.
"Spooky" by Storyline.
"The Loneliness and the Scream" by Frightened Rabbit.
"The Sound" by System 22.

"Catch Me If You Cannon"
Episode # 51 originally aired: Monday October 11, 2010

"Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)" by Au Revoir Simone.
"I'll Be By Your Side" by Jennie Amay.
"Boyfriend" by Best Coast.
"Lo-fi" by Bronze Radio Return.
"Everywhere I Go" by Lissie.
"Let It Flow" by Haircut.
"Comadi" by Ceu.
"Little Miss Walk On By" by Ragged School.
"Messenger Come" by Aaron Katz.
"Come Undone" by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan.
"Draw The Stars" by Andreya Triana.

"How Much Is That Liam In The Window"
Episode # 52 originally aired: Monday October 25, 2010

"Total Breakthrough" by Art and Robin Munson.
"The Ventures" by Bang On Records.
"L'Aventuriare" by Catherine Antoine
"Saying Goodbye" by Jessica Lowndes.
"Beach Life" by Nicholas McCarrell.
"Kids" by Sleigh Bells.
"Sophia Rossi" by Nicholas McCarrell.
"Pretty" by Dan Kramer.
"Where Did We Go" by Stray and Grass.
"Parallel Universe" by Gypsy and The Cat.
"Release Me" by The Like.
"Take The Hit" by Blind Benny.
"New New" by Raj Knight.
"Daylight" by Villa Nah.
"Twice" by Little Dragon.
"The Undoing" by Interpol.
"Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak.

"I See London, I See France..."
Episode # 53 originally aired: Monday November 1, 2010

"11th Dimension" by Julian Casablancas.
"Baby I'm Yours" by Breakbot ft Irfane.
"Diet Mtn Dew" by Lana Del Rey.
"Porn Stache" by Andre Allen Anjos.
"Sha La La La La" by Heavy Young Heathens.
"Spanish Sahara" by Foals.
"Watching Me, Watching You" by Gypsy and The Cat.
Where I'm Going" by Cut Copy.
"You Have Got To Dance" by Combine The Victorious.

"Mother Dearest"
Episode # 54 originally aired: Monday November 8, 2010

"Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)" by Au Revoir Simone.
"Edge Of Extremes" by Clubfeet.
"What I Do" by Pailboy.
"Love Child" by Maimon and The Mongoose Band.
"Obsession" by Sky Ferriera.
"I Don't Really Care" by Nick Howard.
"XXXO" by M.I.A.
"When Your Love Is Safe" by Active Child.
"Superwoman" by Madison.
"The Prize" by KO.
"Big Jet Plane" by Angus and Julia Stone.

"They're Playing Her Song"
Episode # 55 originally aired: Monday November 15, 2010

"We R Who We R" by Ke$ha.
"Hello Good Times" by Jessica Lowndes.
"Early Morning" by Maimon and The Mongoose Band.
"Wide Eyes" by Local Natives.
"Dreadlocks In Moonlight" by Lee Perry.
"Don't Believe In Love" by Dido.
"Moving Pictures" by Paris At Midnight.
"Billie Holiday" by Miike Snow.
"Dread Stew" by Big Swede.
"Soft Kill" by Taxi Doll.
"Afraid Of Everyone" by The National.
"That's Just My Luck" by Syl Johnson.
"Secrets" by One Republic.

"Best Lei'd Plans"
Episode # 56 originally aired: Monday November 29, 2010

"Love Crisis" by NagNagNag.
"Angel" by Mr. Little Jeans.
"Just A Dream" by Nelly.
"Missing Teeth" by Andrew Vait.
"Get Some" by Lykke Li.
"The Piano Shake" by Hammerwax.
"Magic Marker" by Kite In The Air.
"Older Brother" by Pepper Rabbit.
"The Rock and The Tide" by Joshua Radin.

"Holiday Madness"
Episode # 57 originally aired: Monday December 6, 2010"

"Difficult" by Uffie.
"Johnny Cakes" by Space Taster.
"AM/FM Sound" by Matt and Kim.
"Jingle Bell Rock" by Jared Gutstadt.
"Santa Baby" by Jessica Lowndes.
"Hey Santa" by Royal Crown Revue.
"She Loves Everybody" by Chester French.
"Jingle Bells" by Fish N Chips.
"Mr. Jones" by James Laboz.
"Belong" by Cary Brothers.
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by Kyle Riabko.
"Hey Boy" by Magic Kids.
"State Of Our Affairs" by Mt. Desolation.

3x12 - Liars
"I'll Promise The World" by Joe Deveau.
"Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry.
"Far Away" by Best Coast.
"On My Own" by Catcall.
"Come Home" by Chappo.
"Tonight's Today" by Jack Peñate.
"Wake Alone" by Hugo.

3x13 - It's Getting Hot In Here
"Lullaby" by The Cure.
"Respect The Dignity Of Women" by Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars.
"Free" by Plan B.
"Supernova" by Malcom Mays.
"You've Got The Love" by Florence and The Machine.
"Kettering" by The Antlers.

3x14 - All About A Boy
"Mercy" by Duffy
"Daydreams" by Olivia Broadfield
"Young Free Rough" by Lover Lover
"All Day Day Light" by The Morning Benders
"Queen Drum" by Young Galaxy
"Tanola Nomads" by Sainkho Namtchylak
"Vanishing Point" by Tal Bergman and Frederick Jason Kron / Bruton Music
"Story For Children" by Pierre Arachart, Rudy Kahn, and Anton Nevski / AXS Music
"Life's Too Short" by Wild Party
"Arabian Delight" by Kully B & Gussy G / Non Stop Music
"Rolling In The Deep" by Adele

3x15 - Revenge With The Nerd
"Sight Of A Tear" by Gypsy And The Cat.
"O.N.E." by Yeasayer.
"Bang Bang Bang" by Mark Ronson ft MNDR and Q-Tip.
"Country Grammar" by Nelly.
"Sunshine" by Rye Rye.
"Eat You Alive" by Donnis.
"Liv Tonight" by Nelly.

3x16 - It's High Time
"E.T." by Katy Perry.
"Let's Go Trippin' " by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones.
"Be Brave" by The Strange Boys.
"I'm Not Ready To Go" by Edison Gower.
"I'm The Man Who Loves You" by Wilco.
"What's In It For ?" by Avi Buffalo.
"Hello" by Martin Solveig and Dragonette.
"The Sound" by System 22.
"Take Over Control" by Afrojack ft Eva Simons.
"Who's That Chick ?" by David Guetta ft Rihanna.

3x17 - Blue Naomi
"Love And War" by Andy Clockwise.
"Free To Go" by Kid Shimmy ft Nick Fowler.
"Sinner Or A Saint" by Tamar Kaprelian.
"The Uncomfortable Truth" by Nneka.
"Gin & Juice" by Snoop Dogg.
"El Lay" by Snoop Dogg ft Marty James.
"Concerto For Strings - JP" by Entropik Music.
"Suffocation Blues" by Black Pistol Fire.
"Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez.

3x18 - The Enchanted Donkey
"Arenita Playita" by Cuarto Poder
"Le Meta" by Ozomatli
"It's Only Time" by Ozomatli
"This Is Not The Answer" by Jon Black

3x19 - Nerdy Little Secrets
"Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and The Waves
"Bang A Gong (Get It On)" by T Rex
"The Ballad Of Mona Lisa" by Panic! At The Disco
"The Seed (2.0)" by The Roots ft Cody Chesnutt
"Mexican Mavis" by Boy and Bear

3x20 - Women on the Verge
Cool Jerk - The Capitols
Flying Into The Sun - Jamie Laboz
Go Outside - Cults
Jenny, Jenny - The Urges
Love Lost - The Temper Trap
Need A Change - Maimon And The Mongoose Band
Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars
Take Me Over - Cut Copy
Talk About The Blues - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

3x21 - The Prom Before The Storm
Bang On Ya Drum - Buddy
Better Than Love - Hurts
Bright Lights Bigger City - Cee Lo Green
Distant Sures - The Cave Singers
Every Love That Ever Was - Home Video
Filled Away - Kite In The Air
Just A Little Bit - Kids of 88
Lighting UTNG Version - Birds & Batteries
One Left Hand Theremin - Kevin O'Meara
Satellites - Catcall
Take It Or Leave It - Kate In The Air
The Holiday Song - She Wants Revenge
Trouble - Dukes Of Daville
Unexpected Happening's - Ashland's Attic

3x22 - To The Future!
"Miami 2 Ibiza" - Swedish House Mafia vs Tinie Tempah
"It Don't Rain In Beverly Hills" - Dean and Britta
"A Whiter Shade Of Pale" - Procol Harum
"Tightrope" - Janelle Monae ft Big Boi
"Morning's After Me" - Lou Barlow[/spoiler:a647975d0a]

4x01 - Up In Smoke
"Changing" by Airborne Toxic Event.
"Highlights From A Cold And Desperate Song" by Hotel Eden.
"Pictures" by NagNagNag.
"Why Even Try" by Theophilus London ft Sara Quin (Performed as Naomi's)
"I Stand Alone" by Theophilus London.
"Feel It" by Josepo ft Juan Magan.
"Relapse" by Drawbacks.
"Psy-Chic" by Ssion.
"Mystic Mind" by Those Darlins.

4x02 - Rush Hour
"Rock and Roll II" by J Roddy Watson and The Business.
"Hook Me Up" by The System.
"I Got A Thing" by Hanni El Khatib.
"Get Fresh With You" by Teddybears ft Laza Morgan.
"Follow Lead" by Taxi Doll.
"This Ya Party" by Radikal.
"Revolution" by The Wild.
"2 Girls" by Tristan Wilds.
"Boogie Your Blues Away" by Hammerwax.
"Tinted Glasses" by Max Mueller.
"Indian Hill" by Cillie Barnes.

4x03 - Greek Tragedy
"Gonna Make Me Blind" by KC Booker.
"This Is" by Tim Hanauer.
"Kim" by Tristan Wilds.
"Never Goin' Back" by Alex Bleeker and the Freaks.
"Frustrations" by NagNagNag.
"Give You More" by Taxi Doll.
"Ten-Twenty-Ten" by Generationals.
"I'm So Cool" by Daniel Lenz.
"Ready" by Clippers Music.
"Hold On" by Holy Ghost!.
"Take a Picture" by David Dallas.
"Days Of Our Lives" by Restless People.
"Give It To Me" by Clippers Music.
"The La La Song" by Daniel Lenz.
"Around and Around" by Chelan.

4x04 - Let The Games Begin
"Are You Ready To Go" by House Cat.
"Just The Way" by Tim Hanauer.
"Dream A Better Way" by Tim Hanauer.
"2 Girls" by Tristan Wilds.
"Killer" by Jasmine Ash.
"Believe Me" by Ellie Goulding.
"Hurracan" by The Blind Shake.
"Dominos" by The Big Pink.
"Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)" by The Vaccines.
"Right Time" by Max Mueller.
"Energy" by Spank Rock.

4x05 - Party Politics
"#1 Nite (One Night)" by Cobra Starship.
"Can You Feel It" by Keith Kohn.
"If You Wanna" by The Vaccines.
"Sexy Little Thing" by The High Decibels.
"Take Off Your Clothes" by Morningwood.
"Thirty Year Waltz" by Jim Pearce.
"Under Water" by Acid House Kings.
"Warmer Climes" by Boat Club.
"Way That You Move" by Thrill Kill.
"What I Can Be" by Kite In The Air.

4x06 - Benefit Of The Doubt
"Ode To Janice Melt" by Army Navy.
"Scowl" by NagNagNag.
"When You Leave The Club" by Tristan Wilds.
"Chillaxing" by Jessie Fontaine.
"This And That" by Daniel Lenz.
"They Don’t Trap No More" by Tramel Willis.
"Sweet Maribel" by KC Booker.
"I’m So Cool" by Daniel Lenz.
"Bottoms Up" by Passport.
"The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin.
"Tough" by Kellie Pickler.
"Alabaster Bodyworlds" by Born Gold.
"All The Way" by Dominion Status.
"Fool" by Jessica Lowndes.
"Gotta Have It" by Marcus Brown.
"Spirit Of Adventure" by Ooberman.
"Struggle of Our Lives" by Standing Shadows.

4x07 - It's The Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark
"We Got It All" by Right The Stars.
"I'll Get Back To You" by Peppercorn.
"The Take Home" by Hotel Eden.
"The Ballad Of Rocky P." by Schooner.
"Go" by Tim Hanauer.
"Rock Party Anthem" by LMFAO.
"Surrounded By You" by Selebrities.
"Trouble" by Dukes Of Daville.
"Born Into This" by Drawbacks.
"2 Girls" by Tristan Wilds.
"You Will Not" by Above Envy.
"Here We Go" by Joshua Radin.
"Riot!!" by The Coasts.

4x08 - Vegas, Maybe?
"Promise Me Eternity" by Mood Rings.
"A Single Sigh Of Relief" by The Beat Seekers.
"Leaving On The 5th" by Voxhaul Broadcast.
"Buy My Love" by Wynter Gordon.
"Fooling No One" by Cut Off Your Hands.
"Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night)" by Philadelphia
"Pinned Down" by Kite In The Air.
"Next To You" by Tim Hanauer.
"Need A Minute" by Analogue Revolution.
"Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye ft Kimbra.
"Time Machine" by Nikki and Rich.
"It's Easy" by Blue Judy.

4x09 - A Thousand Words
"It's Real" by Real Estate.
"I Think Of You" by Jesse Fontaine.
"Rewind" by Hotel Eden.
"Freakshow" by Standing Shadows.
"My Song" by Dukes of DaVille.
"We Are Everlasting" by Standing Shadows.
"Save Me" by Carnaby.
"Notice Me" by Taxi Doll.
"Crimewave [Crystal Castles vs. Health]" by Crystal Castles.
"I'm Not Sorry" by The Pigeon Detectives.
"It Doesn't Matter (An Association)" by Hotel Eden.
"Take A Chance" by Open Source Rebellion.
"Friends Make Garbage (Good Friends Take It Out)" by Low Roar.

4x10 - Smoked Turkey
"Back Seat Taxi" by Back Seat Taxi.
"Don't Move" by Phantogram.
"Amor Fati" by Washed Out.
"Save The World" by Swedish House Mafia.
"A Drop In The Ocean" by Ron Pope.

4x11 - Project Runway
"Climbing Walls" by Strange Talk.
"Fool" by Jessica Lowndes.
"Jello" by Far East Movement.
"Good Life" by OneRepublic.

4x12 - O Holly Night
"Christmas Is Going To The Dogs" by The Eels.
"God Has A Plan" by Air Traffic Controller.
"Up On The Housetop".
"Fool" by Jessica Lowndes.
"Molly" by Joel Streeter.
"X Lover" by Ze!
"Tonight Is The Night" by Outasight.
"Jingle Bells".
"Glad I've Done What I Did" by HoneyHoney.
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by She and Him.
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Wystawiono 4 piw(a):
Sweeta, Kittin, GalwayGirl, kirikiri

Dołączył: 08 Kwi 2009
Posty: 4
Wysłany: Wto 16 Cze, 2009   

jak nazywała się piosenka w ostatnim odcinku, jak ethan i silver się całowalii? ^^
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Zasługi: 1346

Za co lubisz serial?: za forum:)
Dołączył: 12 Mar 2008
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Wysłany: Wto 16 Cze, 2009   

"The Funeral" - Band Of Horses
Postaw piwo autorowi tego posta

Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2009
Posty: 5
Wysłany: Czw 24 Wrz, 2009   

Szukam piosenki z imprezy na jachcie w ostatnim odcinku tzn 3 sezonu 2, nuta bardzo fajna ze wstepem L.A, gra ja Sasha i potupuje z Dixonem. Z gory dzieki za pomoc gdyz znalazlem soundtrack do tego odcinka ale nic o tej piosence, nawet googlnalem slowa piosenki i nic ;/ Pozdrawiam :bye:
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Zasługi: 1346

Za co lubisz serial?: za forum:)
Dołączył: 12 Mar 2008
Posty: 2751
Otrzymał 432 piw(a)
Wysłany: Czw 24 Wrz, 2009   


"Bassment Party" - Cool Kids
"Take It Like A Big Girl" - Blackcowboy
"We Run LA" - Dr. Hollywood
"Reminder (RAC Remix)" - Honeythieves
"Poison" - Bel Biv Devoe
Postaw piwo autorowi tego posta

Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2009
Posty: 5
Wysłany: Czw 24 Wrz, 2009   

Niestety zaden z tych kawalkow juz wczesniej je przejzalem :/ Z gory thx.
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Dołączył: 01 Paź 2009
Posty: 1
Wysłany: Czw 01 Paź, 2009   

szukam tej piosenki jak sie serial zaczyna :)
tej tytułowej.
mógły ktos mi podac tytuł i autora?
bede wdzieczna :)
Postaw piwo autorowi tego posta
Dylan McKay 

Ulubiony bohater: Dylan,David,Brandon
Zasługi: 12
Dołączył: 05 Maj 2008
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Wysłany: Czw 01 Paź, 2009   

Beverly Hills 90210 Theme

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Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2009
Posty: 5
Wysłany: Pon 05 Paź, 2009   

Heh dzieki za pozdro i rowniez pozdrawiam :) I jak z ta nuta odkryl juz ktos czyje to ??? :P
Postaw piwo autorowi tego posta

Dołączył: 24 Wrz 2009
Posty: 5
Wysłany: Pon 05 Paź, 2009   

Mam :D John-John Stomp "Ride with Me" feat. LA
LA LA LA LA :D Pozdrawiam heh
Postaw piwo autorowi tego posta

Dołączył: 20 Paź 2009
Posty: 1
Wysłany: Sob 07 Lis, 2009   

jaki jest tytuł piosenki którą śpiewała w S02E08 Adrianna Navidowi oraz piosenki na impezie?
Postaw piwo autorowi tego posta

Ulubiony bohater: Brenda & Dylan
Zasługi: 24
Dołączyła: 05 Cze 2008
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Wysłany: Sob 07 Lis, 2009   

azito16 napisał/a:
jaki jest tytuł piosenki którą śpiewała w S02E08 Adrianna Navidowi oraz piosenki na impezie?

Piosenka spiewana przez Ade:
The XX - "Heart Skipped A Beat"
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Dołączył: 09 Wrz 2009
Posty: 1
Wysłany: Śro 11 Lis, 2009   

jak się nazywa piosenka z trailera 2x09?
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Ulubiony bohater: Naomi&Adrianna
Dołączyła: 13 Lis 2009
Posty: 16
Wysłany: Pią 13 Lis, 2009   

Yhh świetne nutki. Fajnie ,ze napisałaś je dydziaa :>
Band Of Horses "Funeral" <- ta mi sie podoba :pwned: :)
Postaw piwo autorowi tego posta

Dołączył: 21 Lis 2009
Posty: 1
Wysłany: Sob 21 Lis, 2009   

jak nazywa się piosenka z najnowszego promo -> ??
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